Overview & My role
I was a user experience design (XD) design intern at Microsoft with the inaugural Microsoft Garage intern team in Silicon Valley.
I served as the UX designer on a team with four software developers and one project manager collaborating with the Azure Machine Learning, ONNX Runtime, and Azure Data Box Edge teams. We worked on two projects:
1) publishing an open source tutorial on how to integrate Azure with machine learning on the Jetson Nano (an ARM64 device) which can be found here: https://github.com/Azure-Samples/onnxruntime-iot-edge
2) an enterprise retail solution (under a non disclosure agreement).
Created For​​​​​​​
- The inaugural Microsoft Garage Silicon Valley Intern Team

Duration: 12 weeks, Summer 2019

Non Disclosure Agreement: A portion of this project is under a non disclosure agreement. Please contact me for additional details.
"Integrate Azure with machine learning execution on the NVIDIA Jetson platform (an ARM64 device)
In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate Azure services with machine learning on the NVIDIA Jetson device (an ARM64 hardware platform) using Python. By the end of this sample, you will have a low-cost DIY solution for object detection within a space and a unique understanding of integrating ARM64 platform with Azure IoT services and machine learning."
My Experience
I had an amazing opportunity to learn and develop my UX skills while at Microsoft. Working on the open source tutorial and enterprise retail solution, I became an accessibility champion aware of the importance that content strategy can play. I dove into designing for education and all types of learning styles.
I also learned how to collaborate and communicate with software developers and non-design background project managers. I am grateful to have had a fantastic team.
The greatest thing that I learned at Microsoft was the importance of user testing. After working on a tutorial for weeks, we knew the content inside and out, front-ways and backwards. When we opened up the project for internal testing, we found holes and areas for improvement that we would have never found on our own. Having such patient-user testers was a blessing I may no always have but it was a great display of the value in user testing frequently.
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